Personal Training


New! Payment Process for OneBodybAJ: Personal Training

In managing cost of fees and saving clients from added financial impact, OneBody is utilizing some external but trusted payment options. Please utilize one of the payment gateway below and follow any additional instruction provided per platform.

Select Your Preferred Payment Platform



  • Open Web Link or Mobile App
  • Log in
  • Select the “Send” transaction option
  • Enter [email protected] in the “Send money to” box
  • Select “Sending to Friend” or “Friends and Family” option
  • Enter currency amount
    ($43.00 per session)
  • Input Note of: Personal Training
  • Select “Continue” & confirm the the transaction


  • Open Venmo
  • Log in
  • Select the “Pay or Request” option
  • Indicate recipient as: @OneBody
  • Enter the currency amount
    ($43.00 per session)
  • Input note of: Personal Training
  • Set privacy level of the payment
  • Comfirm payment


    Web Interface:

  • Open Web Link(above)
  • Enter the currency amount
    ($43.00 per session)
  • Enter debit card number
  • Click “Pay”
  • Add note:
    “Personal Training”
    “{Your Name}”
  • Confirm payment
  • App Interface:

  • Open App(above)
  • Enter the currency amount
    ($43.00 per session)
  • Click “Pay”
  • Indicate recipient as: $ONEBODYBYAJ
  • Input note: Personal Training
  • Confirm payment