The ONE BODY Fitness Challenge

What is The Lose Big Boot Camp Program Challenge?

The Program is designed to:

  • encourage you through the love of Jesus
  • teach you how to love yourself & others
  • teach you how to motivate one another

The Program will teach you:

  • how to discipline yourself
  • how to eat right
  • how to work out properly
  • how to get healthier
  • how to make you mentally stronger and smarter

The Lose Big Challenge is one of the many ways One Body by AJ is helping people get healthier. Not only do we focus on getting you in the best shape of your life, but we also make sure that GOD is leading us because we want his power & love to keep us committed!  We also make you mentally stronger and smarter—health wise.

Our 6 weeks program will teach you discipline, how to eat right, and how to work out correctly. A hand full of our exercises includes boxing, push-ups, sit-ups, lots of cardio, and we have a few surprises. So no matter who you are, don’t quit before you ever get started bettering your health. Sign up for our challenge, and let our trainers push you to success.


Who is the Lose Big Boot Camp Program Challenge for?

I am Anthony Johnson “AJ” the owner of One Body by AJ. I am an Exercise Specialist that loves helping people change their lives for the better! The staff and I want to make sure that people who want proper help get the help that they need.

The Lose Big program is the very great program that allows people to get the success that they desire.  It is a 6 weeks program, and we train & provide proper nutrition for everyone.  The trainers & I will train everyone twice a week for an hour.  We don’t need any equipment for the program; we just need a place big enough to train a large number of people.  Please contact me for more information!


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