One of the best ways to learn proper exercising and fitness technique is to get hands on instruction with a personal trainer. One Body by AJ provides a six week session with an individualized program that targets key areas of the body to get the results you want.

What does Personal Training with One Body by AJ offer?

  • Teaches Discipline to Keep You on Track
  • Correct Workout Methods to Maximize Progression
  • Proper Nutrition Planning to Boost Metabolism
  • Incorporation of Water Regimen to Promote Weight-loss

What does Personal Training with One Body by AJ include?

  • Resistance Training
  • Cardio Workouts
  • Personalized Support for Health and Nutrition

What does Personal Training with One Body by AJ yield?

  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Lower Stress
  • Better Mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Overall Quality of Life

One Body by AJ – Personal Training Program 
is not only targeted in getting you the shape you want but also takes that extra step make sure that GOD is leading us; because we want His power & love to keep us committed.

Personal Training

Individualized Program Targeting Your Fitness Needs:

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Dietary Support


Sports Specific

One Body by AJ services help you get bigger, faster, and stronger by obtaining core strength, flexibility, speed, and power by challenging the body with dynamic functional training to allow the body to function and move on a greater and higher level.



So no matter who you are, don’t quit before you ever get started bettering your health.

Let our trainers push you to success.

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